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The Basic Properties Of Nitrous Oxide
Dec 06, 2017

Nitrous oxide, also called Nitrous Oxide, under normal temperature and pressure is a colorless odorless slightly sweet narcotic gas, liquefied and colorless. The physical properties are very similar to the CO2. Nitrous Oxide liquid at 20 DEG C for about 5MPa of the saturated vapor pressure, when the Nitrous Oxide jet from adiabatic cooling can become solid ice. Nitrous Oxide is relatively stable at room temperature, but is heated to 300 degrees Celsius above 500 degrees C, decomposition was completely decomposed into nitrogen and oxygen at 900 DEG C. The air is not burning, but it can fuel it. Nitrous Oxide's nature is stable, does not react with water, acid and alkali solution, mixed with oxygen does not generate dangerous nitrogen dioxide. With O2, O3, H2, halogen, alkali metal, PH3, H2S, Wang did not respond. It is a strong oxidizer at high temperature. Reaction to metal, carbon and sulphur. The formation of nitrite in the boiling point of the alkali metal and its action. Explosive gas can be generated when flammable gases are formed, heating up the mixture of hydrogen, ammonia, carbon monoxide and other inflammable substances and two nitrogen oxides. Organic compounds can be oxidized at temperatures above 300 degrees centigrade. Nitrous Oxide at 0 degrees, the water solubility of 101.325kPa: -67.5ml/100ml -332ml/100ml -299ml/100ml, methanol, ethanol, acetone and -603ml/100ml.

The application of nitrous oxide

1. space and military

Nitrous oxide / alcohol dual agent is a rocket propellant excellent, performance is far superior to "between China and liquid hydrogen / liquid oxygen double agent", the research upsurge in China's aerospace industry is just unfolding Zhang, and in the world has been put into use.

2. automobile industry

Germany in World War II in order to solve the shortage of fuel for the purpose of mass production of nitrous oxide as additives.

The rally, players must compete for the first in the cylinder is injected into the nitrous oxide to help speed up.

Nitrous oxide can also be dissolved in gasoline and diesel, improve the calorific value and make full combustion exhaust clean, energy saving and environmental protection.

3. Electronic Technology

The modernization of the country is reflected in whether it possesses advanced and powerful electronics industry. The foundation of the electronics industry is the quantity and supply capacity of the fine electronic gas localization. High pure nitrous oxide is one of the indispensable materials Guan Jian of China's electronics industry, widely used in integrated circuit devices, IC card, LED, LCD, microelectronics, photovoltaic industry production.

Nitrous oxide may also replace the ammonia production of silicon nitride, safety, energy saving, reduce production costs.

4. medical health

Since eighteenth Century, people in the same year found in chloroform, ether and nitrous oxide, the earliest application is painless surgery, dental extraction!

The surgical operation under general anesthesia for the anesthetic nitrous oxide, safe, simple, cheap Mody, not on the organ or tissue damage, no sequelae; can also be mixed with oxygen into Antole "gases, for delivery, abortion, laparoscopy and late cancer pain. In war, traffic accident, fire, mine disaster, earthquake disaster and other major disasters, timely pain relief for the wounded, can reduce pain and reduce mortality.

In addition, nitrous oxide also has magical effect of smoking cessation drug.

5. food industry

The production of cakes using nitrous oxide milk spray, saving time.

Nitrous oxide is an excellent food preservative, non-toxic and pollution-free. Dissolved trace nitrous oxide can be refrigerated milk without means of long time preservation, maintain good quality of Chinese Academy of Sciences; Southwest Institute of biology experiment: in the mature banana 70 days of preservation of nitrous oxide atmosphere, not only the quality and taste has not changed, even the appearance of color without a change, there is no sign of corruption.

6. other aspects

Gas permeability is very strong, can be used instead of helium vacuum leak detection, protection of rare resources, reduce production costs.

Nitrous oxide is excellent refrigerant, can be used as substitute for freon.

Nitrous oxide can act as a solvent widely used in supercritical technology.

Nitrous oxide can be used as chemical raw materials, production of downstream products such as benzene phenol'.

As the atomic absorption spectra of nitrous oxide oxidation gas is applied to flame atomic analysis, to meet the needs of production and research.

In addition, nitrous oxide is a kind of smoke insecticides for insecticidal sterilization.

A variety of methods can be synthesized from industrial exhaust gas and recovery of nitrous oxide is innovation national and Chinese on global atmospheric contribution to protecting the environment. The rapid development of green productivity will make nitrous oxide and nitrous oxide into cheap Chinese people's daily life, we will have a better tomorrow".

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