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Standard Gases The Use Of Gas
Aug 10, 2017

Standard Gases The use of gas

Gas industry nouns, standard gases are standard substances. The standard material is a highly uniform, stable and accurate measurement standard that has the basic role of reproducibility, preservation and delivery of values for calibration of measuring instruments and measurement processes in the fields of physics, chemistry, biology and engineering , Evaluate the accuracy of the measurement method and test the detection capacity of the laboratory to determine the material or product characteristics of the value of the value of arbitration. Large-scale ethylene plant, ammonia plant and other petrochemical enterprises, in the installation of the car, parking and normal production process requires dozens of pure gas and hundreds of multi-component standard mixture, used to calibrate, calibration production process used online Analytical instruments and instruments for the analysis of raw materials and product quality. Standard gas can also be used for environmental monitoring, toxic organic measurement, vehicle exhaust gas testing, natural gas BTU measurement, liquefied petroleum gas calibration standards, supercritical fluid technology. The standard gas component is divided into binary, ternary and multivariate standard gases. The gas density is characterized by the tolerance of the gas distribution and the tolerance of the analysis. The common standard of SE2MI gas distribution is compared, but the companies There are enterprise standards. The minimum concentration of components for the 10-6 level, the number of components up to more than 20 species. The preparation method can be gravimetric method, and then use the chromatographic analysis check, can also be passed according to standard transmission procedures.

Standard gas is divided into binary, ternary and multivariate standard gases.

The role of standard gases

1, the establishment of the traceability of the measurement

2, to ensure accurate measurement results consistent

3, the value of the transfer

4, to promote the development of measurement technology and pull quality supervision

Standard gas use

1, for gas product quality control

2, for instrumentation verification and calibration

3, for the atmospheric environmental pollution monitoring

4, for medical and health and clinical laboratory

5, for the construction of home environmental monitoring