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Standard Gases Paste A Clear Warning Sign
Sep 14, 2017

Standard Gases Paste a clear warning sign

If the standard gas is not careful in preparation and use, it will produce a great potential hazard, so the following requirements are made for the preparation and use of standard gases:

1. The standard gas bottle should be labeled with a clear warning sign, and the following items should be marked:

1) not only the bottle body of the pure gas should be labeled, but the bottle body of the standard gas should also be labeled.

2) standard gases also have composition and concentration.

3) the labels and gas indicators should be consistent.

2. Rules to be followed for valve outlet threads using standard gas

Standard gas valve outlet thread should follow: flammable standard gas - left - turn, non-flammable standard gas - right hand spin.

3, for the preparation of standard gas and use the staff to make a request: in the process of gas filling to ensure the personal safety of staff, the implementation of strict procedures, assembly personnel should receive formal training. Standard gas is a kind of bottled compressed liquid gas. It is in the gas phase under normal temperature and pressure. There are various kinds of gases, mainly used in various industrial manufacturing industries.

Standard gas is described as the "blood" of industry. With the rapid development of China's economy, standard gas, as one of the basic industrial factors of the national economy, has become increasingly prominent in the national economy. But how is standard gas prepared? I'm sure you don't know, but let me introduce you.

The first is pure gas many functions can replace the traditional standard gases, configuration is also very good configuration, used to configure the device of the gas is also very good search, so the development of pure gas slightly better.

Then to the fixed value point of view is correct, in fact, the standard gas is a kind of high profits, risky investments, according to the basic market economy, for now, the domestic standard gas only up, not down.

However, the permeation method is different, and the main adaptive range is to prepare trace amounts of active gas. It is the dynamic distribution method, the required equipment is the osmotic tube, stabilizing valve, steady flow system, flow meter, temperature recording meter, valve, pipeline, mixing tank.

The partial pressure method is the most common one. The equipment applicable to the preparation of normal temperature is the gas, the standard of the standard mixing gas with the content of 1~60% is the gas cylinder busbar, pressure gauge, valve, vacuum pump, pipe, gas bottle fixture.