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Standard Gases High Purity
Oct 18, 2017

Standard Gases High purity

Many manufacturers of high purity gas for the production of standard gas uncertainty, because the quality of high purity raw materials on the accuracy of standard gas preparation, plays a vital role. So we must face up to the current problems of standard gas, only to find the problem, to try to solve the problem.

Because of the small amount of high purity gas, the variety of miscellaneous, demanding high purity, and in order to avoid the mutual purification of the purification device, and can not be combined with each other, so in all the market-centric environment, High purity gas is not easy. In recent years, due to the intensification of competition in the standard gas industry, profit decline, standard gas production plant for the use of high-purity raw materials used in the purchase price is also very much concerned about a large number of low-cost low-quality raw material gas also appears, such as industrial hydrogen sulfide as high purity Hydrogen sulfide for sale.

In fact, the current common hydrogen sulfide sulfide (S + H2 a H2S) dry synthesis of industrial grade H2S, which contains 3% to 5% of H2, such a high impurity content, the preparation of H2S containing components The impact of the standard gas is obvious. The market useful industrial dissolved acetylene as high purity acetylene to the gas, due to dissolved acetylene containing a large number of solvents - acetone, therefore, users often complain about acetylene standard gas are not allowed.

in fact. Acetylene depends on the number of acetone depends on the ambient temperature, that is, acetylene in winter and summer acetylene containing a large gap between the two, which is the customer in the winter and summer with the same concentration of two bottles of standard gas, but there is a big reason for the error.

The main problems with the standard gas is mainly these, we must face up to the above problems, and the correct handling, the only way to fully play the standard gas performance, for us to bring higher efficiency. Gas products as a major raw material of modern industry, a wide range of applications, in the metallurgical, steel, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, glass, ceramics, building materials, construction, food processing, medical and other departments, are using a lot of common gas Or special gas. The application of gas, especially for these areas of high-tech has an important impact, is its indispensable raw material gas or process gas. And only a variety of emerging industrial sectors and the needs of modern science and technology and promote the gas industry products in the variety, quality and quantity, and so on leaps and bounds.

Common gas types:

Classification of common gases in the electronics industry:

Ordinary gas, also known as bulk gas (Bulkgas): hydrogen (H2), nitrogen (N2), oxygen (O2), argon (A2)

The specialty gases (Specialtygas) are mainly SiH4, PH3, B2H6, A8H3, CL, HCL, CF4, NH3POCL3, SIH2CL2, SIHCL3, NH3, BCL3, SIF4, CLF3, CO, C2F6, N2O, F2, HF, HBR, SF6 and many more