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Standard Gases Composition
Sep 26, 2017

Standard Gases Composition

Standard gas in the preparation and use of the process if not careful, will have a great potential danger, so the standard gas preparation and use made the following requirements:

1, the standard gas bottle to paste a clear warning logo, and to indicate the following:

1) not only pure gas bottle to be labeled, the standard gas bottle also labeled.

2) Standard gas also has composition and concentration.

3) labels and gas indicators to match.

2, the use of standard gas valve outlet thread should follow the rules

Standard gas valve outlet thread should follow: combustible standard gas - left, non-flammable standard gas - right hand.

3, the preparation and use of standard gas for the staff to make the request: filling the gas process to ensure that the staff of personal safety, the implementation of strict operating procedures, the assembly staff to undergo formal training.

Industrial gas types are more, can be divided into two categories, one is the general industrial gas, the other is a special industrial gases. These two kinds of industrial gases, in contrast, the general production and sales of industrial gases, but the purity is not high; special gas production and sales volume is small, but according to different uses, different special gas purity or composition, harmful impurities allowed The highest content, product packaging and storage, and so have extremely strict requirements, are high-tech, high value-added products.

Industrial gas as an important raw material of modern industry, a wide range of applications, in the metallurgical, steel, petroleum, chemical, machinery, electronics, glass, ceramics, building materials, construction, food processing, medical and other departments, are using a large number of commonly used industries Gas or specialty industrial gases. Because the application of gas products is large, the production and supply of gas is generally the same as the supply and supply of water, and as the infrastructure of the industrial investment environment, it is regarded as the "lifeline" of the national economy as a public utility industry.

With the rapid development of China's national economy, the scope of application of gas products has been expanding, the dosage has been increasing, new products have been introduced, the purity has been continuously improved, the market demand has been expanding and the output value has grown at a much faster rate than the growth rate of the national economy. Annual growth rate of 12% of the national gas products market annual sales of about 40 billion yuan.Although the gas industry output value in the proportion of national economic output is not large, but it is currently the rapid development of microelectronics, Aerospace, bioengineering, new materials, precision metallurgy, environmental science and other high-tech sector has an important impact, these departments are indispensable raw material gas or craft gas.It is due to a variety of emerging industrial sectors and modern science and technology needs and promote , Gas industrial products in the variety, quality and quantity, and so made a remarkable leap in development.