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Standard Gases Chemical Composition
Sep 04, 2017

Standard Gases Chemical composition

1. Standard gas bottle body has no warning mark or unclear

1) not only the bottle body of the pure gas should be labeled, but the bottle body of the standard gas should also be labeled.

2) standard gases also have composition and concentration.

3) the labels and gas indicators should be consistent

2. Standard gas valve outlet thread should follow the rules

Standard gas valve outlet thread should follow: flammable standard gas - left - turn, non-flammable standard gas - right hand spin.

3. In charge of gas filling, ensure the safety of staff and implement strict operation procedures, and the assembly personnel should undergo formal training.

Standard gas primer. Standard material is uniform concentration degree, good stability and accurate determination of the standard value, they have the repetition, save and basic function of the value, in physics, chemistry, biology and engineering survey in the field of measuring instruments used for calibration and measurement process, the accuracy of the evaluation method of measurement and testing laboratory detection ability, determine the characteristic value of material or product, quantity of arbitration and so on.

Standard gas is divided into two, three and multiple standard gases.

Application field

1. Common standard gas include: according to the use of gas alarm class standard gas, petrochemical, electric power standard class standard gases, environmental monitoring, medical and health standard gas, instruments and meters standard gas etc.

2. Standard gas can also be used for environmental monitoring, toxic organic measurement, automobile emission test, gas BTU measurement, liquefied petroleum gas calibration standard, supercritical fluid technology, etc. The standard gas group fraction is divided into two, three and multiple standard gases. The requirement of air distribution is characterized by tolerance and tolerance. There is a general standard for SE2MI distribution, but all companies have corporate standards. The minimum concentration of the components is 10, and the group scores can be up to 20. The method can be used for weight method, and then it can be passed by the standard transfer procedure. 3. Large scale ethylene plant, ammonia plant and other petrochemical enterprises, in the gear drive, parking and normal production process need dozens of pure gas and several hundred kinds of multicomponent standard mixture, used for calibration, the calibration of the production process used in the on-line analysis instruments and instrument analysis of raw materials and product quality.