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Jinhong Gas Stock Boarding Ceremony
Sep 20, 2016

Jinhong Gas board on China Stock market

AM9:00 Dec 3th.2014,Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co.,Ltd board on China Stock market, Jinhong leader team stroked the ceremony bell at site. Jinhong Gas stock code:831450.

Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co.Ltd was established on Oct 1999, professional production and sales of various kinds of format gases, high purity gases, specialty gases, mixed gases, dry ice and other kinds of industrial gases and medical use gas. Jinhong also provide complete gas supply proposals for our client, including site gas supply system etc.

Till now, Jinhong’s total registered capital is RMB60,000,000.00,total assets is 709,810,000.00,total staff nearly 700,company occupation 120,000 M2.

Jinhong’s management philosophy is” Create profit for Client, Jinhong Gas ,Gold quality.”After 15 years efforts, Jinhong owned 8 branch companies, established National CNAS laboratory, enterprise technology center of Jiangsu province, Postdoctoral practice base.Jinhong Gas obtained 101 items patents, our gas products is more than 100 items. We provide various products for LED,LCD,PV ,SOLAR, SEMI, food and medical industries, we are indispensable cooperation partner for various industries.

President of Jinhong Gas, Mr Jin Xianghua

Secretary of China Industry Gas Association Mr Fu Chungan

Government officer from Suzhou City Mr Mao Dongwen

Jinhong Gas top leader team.

Jinhong Gas top leader team.