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Jinhong Gas Phase III 7N Ultra-purity 99.99999% Ammonia Project Successful Completed And Put Into Production
Sep 20, 2016

Jinhong Gas Phase III 7N ultra-purity 99.99999% ammonia project successful completed and put into production 

Feb 16th.2015,Jinhong Gas Phase III 7N ultra-purity 99.99999% ammonia project successful completed and put into production, net incorporation with Phase I and Phase II. The impurity content of light component , moisture, metal ion etc precede China national standard, arrived the leading position in China.

After Phase III put into operation, together with Phase I and II, the annual production capacity of Ultra-purity ammonia arrived 6000 ton, now Jinhong gas become the biggest ultra-purity ammonia manufacturer in China, even in the world.

After Jinhong 7N ultra-purity 99.99999% ammonia put into China domestic market, filling a domestic gap in this field,

China domestic company from Semi, panel display, LED, solar etc industry not have to use imported ultra-purity ammonia now, till the end of 2015, Jinhong 7N ultra-purity 99.99999% ammonia already take more than 50% market share in China market.