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Jinhong Gas Kunshang Branch Company Introduce
Jul 06, 2017

Jinhong Gas Kunshang Branch Company Introduce

   Jinhong Kunshan carbon dioxide Co.,Ltd established on 2015, wholly-owned subsidiaries of Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co.,Ltd.Kunshang occupation of land  more than 6300 M2,the location is No 8,Zhenxin Road Zhangpu town,Kunshan City,Suzhou China,about 130km from Shanghai seaport.

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   Our CO2 factory using the recycle CO2 as matter gas source,after compression, desulfurization, dehydration,remove impurity,then condensation and purification,the products enter storage tank.Our factory using the special designed integrated form heat exchange rectification technology which designed by Dalian University of Technology, this technology owned unique technical advantage.Our recent annuel output of our CO2 factory is 150,000 Ton, owned 2 sets of 1000M3 storage tanks,on set of 100M3 storage tank.

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