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High Purity Gases Zero Gas
Sep 04, 2017

High Purity Gases Zero gas

High purity gas is used as a zero gas

The production of zero gas is completely similar to the production of gas standard substances, but the operation process can be simplified. The minimum detectable amount of some or some kind of impurity in the diluted gas used is lower than that of the analytical method, which can be used as the "zero" gas.

The zero point gas is used to calibrate the zero point of the working curve with a given analytical method for a given content range. When it is entered into the detection instrument as the tested sample, the response value of the instrument zero will be presented only in the measured range of the instrument selected, without any deviation from the pre-set zero. For different types of detection methods and different types of detection instruments, the minimum detection limit will make different requirements for zero gas.

Such as online analytical instrument was used to measure the total hydrocarbon content in high purity CO2 gas, can use gas chromatography with hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID) detection, because the basic effect of FID is strongly, when using different substrate zero gas calibration instrument, can lead to errors that cannot be ignored. Liquid oxygen transport considerations

Liquid oxygen during transportation can only be made to put, can not lie, in order to prevent turn to, must be fixed with a belt or other articles, in order to mitigate the impact should be using a sponge or other soft mat bottom. In addition, the liquid oxygen in the process of transportation also note the following items:

It is forbidden to shock or crash; Before using, check whether the inside of the container is clean and dry; The filling rate of liquid oxygen should not be greater than 95%.

2. When used for long-term storage, it needs to be replenished regularly, and the replenishment time is generally appropriate for a third of the total volume of liquid oxygen. When the liquid oxygen seal is stored, someone must monitor the pressure and not overpressure; Three, are subject to professional training, operators, and test qualified to mount guard. Shall not wear oil or electrostatic effect of chemical fiber clothes, not to wear shoes with nails. Open/close the valve slowly operation. Stop using when supercharging valve to be locked;

4. The installation site should be well ventilated, generally suitable for installation in the outdoor area, surrounded by fences, and no open fire, flammable explosive and low-lying areas in 5m.

5. When you put in or take out the frozen items, try to make the opening of the mouth of the pot as short as possible to reduce the liquid oxygen consumption, and do not mention the lifting cylinder completely; It is strictly forbidden to remove the frost from the neck of the neck to avoid damaging the neck.

Six, when the liquid oxygen is emptying liquid and not immediately when heated, must immediately close all valves. Because the tank temperature is very low and wet air will be connected by pipeline into the internal, ice jam caused by pipeline accident.