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High Purity Gases Transformation Of Low Temperature Separation Device
Aug 10, 2017

High Purity Gases Transformation of low temperature separation device

City Science and Technology Commission organized the relevant experts to our company to undertake the provincial science and technology support program (industrial part) project "ultra-large scale integrated circuit with high purity electronic gas" was accepted. Acceptance Committee to listen to the deputy general manager of the project work summary, technology Summary and the use of funds reported, and reviewed the relevant information. Acceptance Committee agreed that my company "ultra-large scale integrated circuit with high purity electronic gas" project has completed the contract of the assessment indicators, agreed to pass the acceptance. "Large scale High-purity electronic gas for integrated circuits "project to effectively use the company's existing production equipment, through the transformation of low-temperature separation device, the reactor and the use of proprietary technology to the production process of ammonia emissions recycling recycling; the formation of the use of existing production equipment To achieve an annual output of 100 tons of nine nine-purity high-purity electronic gas capacity; an effective solution to the technical problems of product packaging.Project technical route is reasonable, to solve the technical problems are representative of the project technology to achieve the same industry-leading level. The project has been declared national patent, which invented four patents, utility model Lee two. One involved in the development of national standards.

  The production of zero gas is completely similar to the production of gas reference material, but the operation process can be simplified. The dilution gas is usually used as a "zero point" gas if the amount of some or some of the impurities in the dilution gas used is lower than the minimum detection amount of the measuring instrument used in the analytical method.

 Zero gas is used to calibrate the zero point of the working curve with a given analytical method within a given range of contents. When it enters the test instrument as a measured sample, it only exhibits the response value of the instrument zero within the measurement range selected by the instrument without generating a response signal that deviates from the preset zero point. For the different types of detection methods and different types of testing equipment, the minimum detection limit for zero gas put forward different requirements.

  If the total hydrocarbon content in CO2 high purity gas is measured by an on-line analytical instrument, it can be detected by gas chromatography with hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID). Because of the strong basic effect of FID, when zero gas calibration Instrumentation, will lead to non-negligible error.