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High Purity Gases Performance Than The Stability
Oct 27, 2017

High Purity Gases Performance than the stability

High purity gas manufacturers through experiments show that acetone gaseous, liquid standard sample performance than stable, for quantitative and more convenient.With the purchase of formaldehyde standard gas, this study is through the China Institute of Metrology purchased formaldehyde standard liquid and Self-prepared acetone standard liquid quantitative analysis, obtained formaldehyde relative to the relative correction factor of acetone, and then use acetone standard gas calibration formaldehyde standard gas, formaldehyde standard gas calibration.

The concentration of formaldehyde in nitrogen was tested by Shimadzu gas chromatograph.The experiment proved that high purity helium with 99.999% purity was used as carrier gas in high purity gas at 100 ° C, 200 ° C 120 degrees, the interface temperature of 200 degrees, the column before the pressure of 94.3 kPa, shunt 1:50, the amount of 400 microns under the conditions of the standard material can be achieved in the balance of gas nitrogen and formaldehyde and acetone and formaldehyde separation, Good, and can achieve high sensitivity.

The concentration of formaldehyde standard solution in water was 10.1 mg / ml, Of the standard solution of acetone in water.

In order to reduce the deviation of the relatively positive factor, the calibration curve of formaldehyde standard sample and acetone standard sample was obtained by using the above standard solution in the way of multi-point calibration. The absolute calibration factor of formaldehyde and acetone was obtained by the slope of the curve. Formaldehyde relative to the acetone correction factor.Formaldehyde standard solution peak area and concentration in the presence of excess ammonium salt, by measuring formaldehyde in acetic acid - ammonium acetate buffer solution with acetylacetone to generate a stable yellow compound to calculate the formaldehyde content, This is the high purity gas manufacturers of nitrogen in the analysis of formaldehyde products.

 The production of zero gas is completely similar to the production of gas reference material, but the operation process can be simplified. The dilution gas used in the dilution gas is usually less than the minimum detection amount of the measuring instrument used in the analytical method. This dilution gas can be used as a "zero point" gas.

 Zero gas is used to calibrate the zero point of the working curve with a given analytical method within a given range of contents. When it enters the test instrument as the measured sample, it only exhibits the response value of the instrument zero within the selected measurement range of the instrument without generating a response signal that deviates from the preset zero point. For the different types of detection methods and different types of detection equipment, the minimum detection limit for zero gas put forward different requirements.

If the total hydrocarbon content of CO2 high purity gas is measured by an on-line analytical instrument, it can be detected by gas chromatography with hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID). Because of the strong basic effect of FID, when zero gas calibration Instrumentation, will lead to non-negligible error.