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High Purity Gases Operation Process
Jun 20, 2017

High Purity Gases Operation process

The production of zero gas is completely similar to the production of gas reference material, but the operation process can be simplified. The dilution gas used in the dilution gas is usually less than the minimum detection amount of the measuring instrument used in the analytical method. This dilution gas can be used as the "zero point" gas.

 Zero gas is used to calibrate the zero point of the working curve with a given analytical method within a given range of contents. When it enters the test instrument as the measured sample, it only presents the response value of the instrument zero within the measurement range selected by the instrument without generating a response signal that deviates from the preset zero point. For different types of detection methods and different types of detection equipment, the minimum detection limit will be zero gas put forward different requirements.

  If the total hydrocarbon content of CO2 high purity gas is measured by an on-line analytical instrument, it can be detected by gas chromatography with hydrogen flame ionization detector (FID). Because of the strong basic effect of FID, when zero gas calibration Instrumentation, will lead to non-negligible error.

Cylinders generally contain permanent gas, liquefied gas or mixed gas. (Including factories, laboratories, hospitals, schools, CDC, electronic room, clean room, industrial institutions, etc.), bottled gas and gas cylinders distribution units of the cylinder Management need to improve, should strengthen the transport, storage of gas cylinders safety management. The principle is:

1. Have knowledge of the safety of gas cylinders who are responsible for the safety of cylinders;

2. Formulate the corresponding safety management system;

3. The development of emergency response measures, with the necessary protective equipment;

4. Regularly carry out safety and technical education on the storage, transportation (including handling), distribution and use of cylinders.

The principle of safe storage of cylinders:

1. Should be placed in a special warehouse storage, to comply with the national dangerous goods storage regulations, cylinder warehouse should be consistent with the "building design fire safety regulations," the relevant provisions must be equipped with professional knowledge of the technical staff, the warehouse and places should be set up management, Personal safety equipment, and set the "dangerous", "no fireworks" logo.

2. There should be no ditch, underground passage, no underground fire, and other heat sources, the warehouse should be ventilated, dry, to avoid direct sunlight; storage warehouses and storage should be a good ventilation, cooling and other facilities, no trench, illegal channels and bottom ventilation holes, and It is strictly forbidden to pass any pipelines and avoid direct sunlight and avoid radioactive radiation sources. Should ensure that the cylinder bottle dry. Summer should prevent exposure.

3. A cylinder containing a reaction gas or a decomposition reaction gas must control the maximum temperature in the warehouse according to the nature of the gas, prescribe the shelf life, and avoid the radiation source.