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High Purity Gases Gas Industry
Jul 12, 2017

High Purity Gases Gas industry

In order to improve the purity of the product, in the propane production process and strive to improve the efficiency of the use of the catalyst to meet the different needs of downstream customers.

Company high purity propane production plant.

Recently held in Wuhan, the national seventeenth annual meeting of special gas, the participants reached nearly 220 people, setting the last years of the most. Conference organizers said that although the special gas annual meeting participants significantly more than in previous years, but also expected. 2013 special gas industry there have been many new changes, in order to firmly grasp the latest market trends, many domestic and foreign special gas production enterprises, research and development units and related analytical instruments, packaging, separation and purification of materials business representatives gathered We discuss industry trends, understand the latest technological progress, to discuss cooperation between enterprises. So, how about the days of business this year? What are the latest trends in the market? With the gradual progress of the interview, the reporter found that the special gas industry in 2013, a big change, the industry is firmly grasp the opportunity in this change, seeking to start the transformation and upgrading this tough battle.

 Recently held in Wuhan, the National Special Gas seventeenth annual meeting, the participants are on behalf of the development of special gas downstream applications,

Project cooperation and other hot issues to discuss.

The market environment big face

For the gas industry, 2013 is a difficult year. According to the meeting organizers Zhonghao Guangming Chemical Research Institute Co., Ltd. Chief Engineer Sun Fu Nan said: "By the impact of large downstream users, this year the domestic industrial gas market performance is poor, such as coastal areas due to shipbuilding industry sluggish, other industry demand is limited, industrial gas Has been busy busy situation no longer exist in the industry overcapacity is extremely serious, leading to market competition intensified in the north there have been a bottle of nitrogen prices is about to reduce the level of a single degree of domestic industrial liquid sub-installed small micro-gas enterprises Generally faced with whether to support the problem. "In the interview, the reporter learned that although the special gas is the" boutique ", but the survival of the enterprise has also been affected.

From a few typical examples, the electronic gas is very important varieties of solar cells with silane, 2013 silane market overcapacity, the price decline is very prominent. The reason is well known - the EU PV "double reverse", the domestic solar photovoltaic industry, the amount of silane products decreased significantly. At the same time, domestic enterprises such as Zhongning silicon industry through several years of hard work has formed a stable silane mass production, in balance domestic silane prices played a fundamental role. Ultra-pure, ultra-clean electronic mixture, such as hydrogen - silane made a significant increase in the rate, the price from the million on a bottle, down to a few thousand dollars a bottle.

At the same time, by the impact of market oversupply, the domestic high-purity ammonia prices have fallen sharply, has been launched high-purity ammonia manufacturers only by small profits but quick turnover strategy. Because once the human and material resources, companies will never retreat. In this case, 2013 was originally planned to start the domestic foreign-funded enterprises did not put into operation on schedule, but some domestic enterprises are still hard to launch.

In the field of LED, domestic enterprises with the German company's high-purity ammonia in the overall quality or there is a certain difference, so far, many domestic LED manufacturers are still preferred or even designated foreign brands of high purity ammonia. With China's dangerous chemicals production, transportation costs continue to improve, bad debt is now, ammonia products, profits are less and less.