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High Purity Gases Essential Tools
Oct 18, 2017

High Purity Gases Essential tools

We should all know that high purity gas is often used in industrial production of raw materials, but we are in real life also has a wide range of applications, the current production of high purity gas and other other gas manufacturers are also many, on the high purity gas Other use of information, for everyone to elaborate on:

Family can use the gas is the kitchen, the use of natural gas, are clean energy, cooking and cooking efficiency is very high, are LNG gas, and some friends at home is still using liquefied petroleum gas, and liquefied petroleum gas is bottled , With the use of welding cylinders, according to the bottle charges. This is a common gas products belonging to the family, the daily consumables, just like the rice wine is the same as the essential goods. There are common in some mechanical repair department, commonly used is the use of oxygen and acetylene is mainly used for welding and cutting, high purity gas, some mixed gas, there are some doors and windows and doors are generally common use of argon, argon Arc welding, these are just like the student's pen and the soldier's gun is the necessary tool. There is often seen on the TV fog on the stage, like a fairyland, in fact, this is the gas products of carbon dioxide gas, which is the so-called dry ice.

 The other information on the use of high purity gas is mainly these, I believe that through the above information, we know more about the application of high purity gas, more information on high purity gas, will continue to organize, please pay attention The High purity hydrogen has been widely used by its ultra-high performance, which in the petrochemical industry and other industries have a wide range of applications can be used as clean fuel, hydrogen combustion products are water, the environment does not produce any pollution, but also Commonly used in Agilent, Shimadzu, thermal power and other well-known gas chromatograph carrier gas. However, high purity hydrogen in the transport and use should pay attention to some matters, the only way to make its performance is fully demonstrated, to avoid the occurrence of some dangerous information. For this information, for everyone to elaborate on:

1, bottled hydrogen for the flammable compressed gas, should be stored in a cool, ventilated warehouse, set the obvious "no fireworks" logo. The temperature inside the warehouse should not exceed 40 ℃. To prevent direct sunlight. Hydrogen should be stored separately from oxygen explosives, poisons, radioactive materials, peroxidated organic compounds and other combustible materials. Warehouse lighting, ventilation and other facilities should be used explosion-proof type.

2, each bottle of hydrogen in the use of the exhaust gas, the bottle should be kept within the residual pressure of 0.5MPa, the minimum shall not be less than 0.25MPa residual pressure, the bottle should be closed to ensure the quality of gas and the use of safety. 3, the cylinder of hydrogen gas for the high-pressure compressed gas, should be used before the gas pipeline test pressure and leak test to ensure that the gas pipeline does not leak, should be used with YQQ-352 or 152H-125 and other hydrogen pressure reducer after use.