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High Purity Gases Chemical Properties
Sep 30, 2017

High Purity Gases Chemical properties

We should all know that high purity nitrogen is almost inert diatomic gas, the chemical nature is extremely lively, gas molecules than oxygen molecules, not easy to thermal expansion and contraction, deformation range is small, the penetration of the tire sidewall speed slower than the air about 30 ~ 40%, to maintain a stable tire pressure, improve tire stability, to ensure the comfort of driving; nitrogen audio conduction is low, the equivalent of ordinary air 1/5, the use of nitrogen can effectively reduce tire noise, The degree of tranquility.

And high purity nitrogen can also reduce fuel consumption, protect the environment, the tire tire pressure and the increase in rolling resistance after heating, will cause the car to increase fuel consumption; and nitrogen in addition to maintaining a stable tire pressure, slow down the tire pressure , The dry and non-oil-free water, low thermal conductivity, slow temperature characteristics, reducing the tire speed when the increase in walking, and tire deformation of small grip increased, reducing the rolling resistance of high purity, high purity gas on the tire Of the use of the instructions to achieve the purpose of reducing fuel consumption.

More attention: [all] storage and transportation of high purity gas method to briefly introduce some of the information of high purity nitrogen

Effectively extend the tire life, can reduce the number of Lun Leng replacement, which for us to greatly reduce costs, more conducive to our trip, the use of high purity nitrogen, can effectively extend the tire life, on this information, and then for everyone to explain:

After the use of nitrogen, tire pressure stable volume changes small, greatly reducing the possibility of tire irregular friction, such as crown grinding, shoulder grinding, partial grinding, improve the tire life; rubber aging is the oxygen molecules in the air Oxidation, aging after its strength and elasticity decreased, and there will be cracks, which is caused by shortening the tire life reasons. The nitrogen separation unit can greatly reduce the oxygen, sulfur, oil, water and other impurities in the air, effectively reducing the degree of oxidation of the tire liner and the corrosion of the rubber phenomenon, will not corrode the metal rim, extend the tire Life, but also to a great extent to reduce the situation of the rim rust.

Through the above information, we should be on the application of high purity nitrogen in the tire have more understanding, I hope you can more effectively use the nitrogen, give full play to its ultra-high performance.


The above is about the "high purity gas in the tire on the use of high purity nitrogen and tire origin", I believe that after reading this article, this will have their own understanding , After the high purity gas for the tire on the use of the land and other issues can be a very good solution. Here, we recommend you learn more about high purity helium and other related information, hope to help you!