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High Purity Gases Basic Properties
Sep 14, 2017

High Purity Gases Basic properties

Liquid nitrogen or liquid nitrogen is inert, colorless, odorless, non corrosive, flammable, low temperature, it is a important part of atmospheric (volume ratio 78.03%, 75.5% weight ratio), about its basic properties and USES, want you to understand specific? Well, next to believe that:

High purity nitrogen is greater than 99.999%; Industrial level is greater than 99.5%; Secondary or higher 98.5%.

Relative density (water = 1) : 0.808 (196 ℃)

Relative vapor density (air = 1) : 0.97

Saturated vapor pressure (kPa) : 1026.42 (173 ℃)

Critical temperature (℃) : 147

Critical pressure (MPa) : 3.40

Main application information of liquid nitrogen:

1. Rapidly freeze and transport food, or make ice products;

2. Study on low temperature physics;

3, provides the high temperature superconductor shows the temperature needed for superconductivity, for example ybco;

4. Super frequency player for cooling CPU, GPU, etc.

5. Demonstrate low temperature state in science education. Soft objects in normal temperature soak in liquid nitrogen, which can be as brittle as glass.

The information of liquid nitrogen in high purity gas is mainly these. I hope that the above information can help you. More information about high purity gas will continue to be organized for you. Please look forward to it. How to verify the effect of high purity nitrogen high pure nitrogen to prolong the life of tire? Today to introduce you to is that content, hope everyone in this article, can explain the function of high purity nitrogen to extend the service life of tires and so on has certain knowledge and understanding of the content of the

High purity nitrogen is usually a colorless, odorless gas, and is usually nontoxic, and nitrogen is generally less dense than air. Nitrogen accounts for 78.12% of the atmosphere (volume fraction), which is the main component of air.

We can use the physical and chemical methods to test the high purity nitrogen. The specific test method is:

The physical method can be pressurized to see the boiling point.

The chemical method can be burned in the nitrogen with mg magnesium, and the mg3n2 can react with water, also calculate the characteristic phenomenon, the precipitation gas is high purity, how to check the color of high purity nitrogen phenolphthalein effectively. The test should be generally acceptable.