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Gas Equipments Natural Gas Industry
Jul 12, 2017

Gas Equipments Natural gas industry

In recent years, increasingly serious environmental pollution, making natural gas gradually replaced the coal oil has become a widely used energy, so as to bring a certain investment opportunities for the industry. Analysis of Natural Gas Industry Investment in 2017.

    With the rapid growth of China's economy, the demand for energy has increased rapidly. As China's main energy is coal, which led to a sharp increase in coal consumption. According to statistics, over the past decade, China's coal consumption increased by 4-5 times, and now has more than 4 billion tons. At the same time, with the rapid increase in the number of cars in recent years, China's demand for oil also showed a rapid growth trend. Coal and oil consumption for our country has brought increasingly serious environmental pollution problems. Now haze, acid rain, dust pollution has become the current impact of people's health, the main factor, the Chinese government every year because of pollution control and investment of hundreds of millions of dollars. The grim reality is an urgent need to change the current dependence on coal, oil and other energy, instead looking for clean alternative energy.

    Natural gas applications are more suitable for the current areas, including the central business district, factories, airports, IDC room, schools, hospitals and other heating ratio and demand are more stable users. According to the China City Gas Association Distributed Energy Professional Committee statistics, as of the end of 2014, China has built and built natural gas distributed energy project installed capacity has reached 3.8GW. Which has completed 82 projects, 22 projects under construction, 53 projects to build.

    Natural gas distribution of energy projects show point-like concentration, only in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangdong and other resource-rich, economically developed areas developed rapidly.

    Stimulate natural gas consumption

    2017 - 2022 China's unconventional natural gas industry special research and investment value forecast report shows that the natural gas price adjustment is the highlight of the non-resident gas from the highest door station price management to benchmark gate price management, supply and demand sides can refer to the door Station price basis, in the floating 20%, floating within the scope of consultation to determine the specific gate station price. From a fixed price to a floating price adjustment to a certain extent, a step forward to the market.

    "The natural gas price reform will be the current market downturn in the market into a shot in the arm after the continued low prices due to oil prices hovering, natural gas economic advantages gone, natural gas consumption was suppressed.The natural gas prices fell sharply Significantly improve the current situation for the natural gas in the 'thirteen' during the development of lay a good foundation. "An Xunsi natural gas industry veteran analyst Chen Yunying frankly.

    Enhance the gas price advantage

    Insiders pointed out that through a new round of price changes, the economic advantages of natural gas is expected to be restored, investment enthusiasm will greatly stimulate, especially on the downstream industry will constitute a greater positive. Is expected to policy-oriented will also be good "thirteen" during the development of natural gas, with natural gas prices gradually to the market, the future consumption is still a large room for growth. CITIC Securities (20.79 -1.33%, buy) in the latest research report is expected, the future natural gas price adjustment after the normal, the domestic natural gas consumption growth is expected to gradually return to about 10%.

    Chen Yunying analysis that this round of decline of 0.70 yuan / square, will largely regain the economic advantages of natural gas. At the same time, in the downstream actual sales process, the notice pointed out that according to the local reality, in the improvement of regulatory rules on the basis of the first try to release non-resident gas sales price, natural gas industry chain profits will be re-allocated. From the policy-oriented point of view, the state is still encouraging natural gas such a clean energy development. If the tax policy is conducive to the natural gas industry, environmental protection policy in the "three five" during the introduction of the long-term development of natural gas will have a greater role in promoting.