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Gas Equipments Grouped Equipment
Jun 20, 2017

Gas Equipments Grouped equipment

Brief introduction to gas equipment

Under the guidance of the national policy of the West-East Gas Pipeline, the rapid development of China's natural gas industry will be actively introduced, developed and applied supporting equipment, production and operation of natural gas regulator box, CNG cylinder and domestic CNG compressor. At the same time, we will actively introduce the advanced CNG equipment and technology in Europe and other countries, and make our due contribution to the development of China's natural gas industry

Gas equipment accessories editing

LPG / air mixing system, gas phase switching valve, liquid phase switching valve, high school low voltage regulator, natural gas regulator box, turbine / mass flow meter, pressure gauge , High pressure hose, solenoid valve, ball valve, globe valve, filter valve, emergency shut-off valve, wall-mounted gas water heater, compressor, burner, gas alarm, calorimeter, car LPG converter, LPG filling machine , LPG submersible pump, ground pump, CNG filling system, CNG compressor, high pressure valve Tianjin 1000 Gang Gas Equipment Technology Co., Ltd., specializing in the production of liquefied petroleum gas forced gasification equipment, air temperature gasification equipment, Equipment (ejector, also known as Venturi type), with the flow of mixed gas, high pressure ratio mixing, mobile mixing station, skid natural gas decompression station, the city gate station, regional surge tank, , Liquefied natural gas equipment and other products.

Will be liquefied gas (natural gas) and air (or a variety of gas) by a certain proportion of blending together to achieve the user needs the gas calorific value, to meet the civilian and industrial requirements of different users. Including venturi-type mixer, follow-up flow mixer, high-pressure proportional air mixer. CNG decompression station, gas equipment, liquefied petroleum gasification station, LPG gasification equipment, LNG gasification equipment, CNG decompression equipment, gas pressure regulator, gasification equipment, gas pressure equipment Equipment, gas regulator, pressure regulator, decompression station, surge tank, liquefied gas and air mixing equipment, liquefied gas gasifier.

Liquefied petroleum gas forced gasification equipment from small to large, from wall-mounted to vertical and air temperature, from 50 kg / hour to 30,000 kg / hour, as well as temporary gas mobile removable docking station The Liquefied petroleum gas forced gasification equipment in the Chinese market has been used for more than 20 years, the technical and quality of the reliability of more mature, has been China's industrial, agricultural, commercial, military has been widely used and recognized.

Mixing equipment includes: Proportional mixed gas, with the flow of mixed gas, Venturi ejection, man-made gas and peaking effect and gas pre-gas replacement, so that mixing to achieve natural gas combustion, gas combustion value has been convenient, Fast and practical. Natural gas equipment also has its characteristics, the same use and liquefied petroleum gas is also as extensive.

City gate station, regional pressure regulator equipment and surge tank and floor dongle, in the natural gas pipeline can reach a wide range of applications. According to different users produce different city gate station. Regional pressure regulator equipment and surge tank and Loudong surge tank to meet the different uses of industry and residents, so that industrial households and residents to use cheap, clean energy and natural gas pollution and cheap.

Skidding equipment (compressed natural gas) decompression station for natural gas pipeline can not reach the area, the natural gas compression to 160Kg / cm & sup2; to 220Kg / cm & sup2 ;. Trailer will be compressed natural gas transported to the needs of industrial users or residents of the user, and then after two decompression or three decompression or through the regional pressure regulator equipment and surge tank to the user, so that these users can also use the green clean and cheap Of energy. Liquefied natural gas is the natural gas liquefied or liquid, so that the volume reduced, in order to facilitate transport. To the destination and then to gasification, gasification with the natural gas pipeline gas, skid natural gas is very convenient and convenient to transport to industrial and residential users.