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Electronic Gases Use And Application
Jul 12, 2017

Electronic Gases  use and application

1. use and application

For the ultra-low temperature research, gas analysis, welding, leak detection, chemical vapor deposition, crystal growth, plasma dry, special mixture, used as standard gas, gas, gas balloon diving suits inflatable.

Helium is widely used in military, scientific research, petrochemical, refrigeration, medical, semiconductor, pipeline leak detection, superconductivity experiments, metal manufacturing, deep sea diving, high precision welding, photoelectron production.

(1), low temperature cold source: the use of liquid helium -268.9 ℃ low boiling point, liquid helium can be used for ultra-low temperature cooling. The ultra-low temperature cooling technology in the field of superconducting technology and other fields have a wider range of applications, superconducting materials in the low temperature (100K or so) to show the superconducting properties, in most cases only liquid helium can easily achieve such a very low temperature The Superconducting technology in the transportation industry maglev train, medical field of nuclear magnetic resonance imaging equipment has a larger application.

(2), balloon inflation: the helium density is much smaller than the air (air density of 1.29kg / m3, helium density of 0.1786kg / m3), and the chemical nature of very lively, more hydrogen than hydrogen (hydrogen can be in the air In the burning, may cause an explosion), helium is often used in spacecraft or advertising balloon filled gas.

(3), test analysis: instrumental analysis commonly used in nuclear magnetic resonance analyzer superconducting magnet need to use liquid helium cooling, gas chromatography analysis of helium often as a carrier gas, the use of helium permeability, non-flammable characteristics, helium Gas is also used in vacuum leak detection, such as helium mass spectrometer leak detector.

(4), protective gas: the use of helium inactive chemical properties, helium commonly used in magnesium, zirconium, aluminum, titanium and other metal welding protection gas.

(5), other aspects: helium can be used as a high vacuum device, the nuclear reactor in the rocket, spacecraft for the transmission of liquid hydrogen, liquid oxygen and other liquid propellant pressurized gas. Helium is also used as a cleaning agent for atomic reactors, in the marine development of the respiratory mixture of gas, gas thermometer filling gas.

2. Method

Separated from natural gas.

Separated from the air.

Extract from some radioactive minerals.

3. Toxicity and safety protection

Nitrous oxide has the ability to temporarily lose the ability to move autonomously, into a similar state of madness, more importantly, people gradually found that nitrous oxide is a toxic gas, if a lot of inhalation, people will suffocate.

In 1799, the British chemist Humphrey David's lab came a little careless friend, who broke a glass of special gas. When the two leaned over to clean up the broken glass, but could not help laughing. The other two passers-by - poet Sauce and Coleridge curiously cursed up, could not help but laugh. Since then, "laughter" gradually into people's lives.

Nitrous oxide, scientific name nitrous oxide or nitrous oxide, is a colorless sweet gas. It is produced by the addition of ammonium nitrate (a chemical fertilizer), is an oxidizing gas. Nitrous oxide can be dissolved in water, and even after the temperature drop in the precipitation of laughing gas crystals. Its biggest feature is: people inhaled it, will not help laughing, as long as three or four seconds to enter the state of laughter, play the role of pain. Bold David had been laughing in the gas, with pliers to pull out their own a tooth decay, that pain is much lighter than the average dental surgery, thus completing the first ever history of anxious anesthesia surgery.

Forty years later, David's discovery leaped across the ocean and spread to the United States, which was fashionable and known as the "New World." Americans willing to accept new things, soon noticed this gas. December 10, 1844, the United States held a laughter performance, a volunteer inhalation of a lot of laughing gas, lost control of the ability to laugh in the crowd shouting. I do not know when his feet have come across a bloody wound, but he was elated, did not feel the pain, which caused the presence of a dentist's interest. The dentist named Wales, because there was no anesthetic, he and many dentists, as the teeth of the patient when the struggle and screams feel distressed. After several experiments, he used the laughter on the dentist's operating table. As long as the fixed patients, you can in the basic painless circumstances, the success of tooth extraction surgery. And this gas does not allow patients to enter a completely unconscious state, to facilitate the doctor in the operation of patients with command.