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Electronic Gases The Development Trend
May 26, 2017

 Electronic Gases  Gas industry nouns, semiconductors industrial gas collectively referred to as electronic gas. According to its categories can be divided into pure gas, high purity gas and semiconductor special materials gas three categories. Special materials are mainly used for epitaxial, doping and etching processes; high purity gas is mainly used as dilution gas and carrier gas. Electronic gases are an important branch of special gases. Electronic gas can be divided into electronic grade, LSI (large scale integrated circuit), VLSI (ultra-large scale integrated circuit) and ULSI (large scale integrated circuit) level according to purity grade and use.

  Electronic Gases In recent years, intellectual research data research center with China's ultra-large-scale integrated circuits, flat panel displays, photovoltaic power generation and other industries of rapid development, the demand for electronic gas market increased significantly, the localization of electronic special gas is the trend. It is understood that China has made gratifying progress in the localization: domestic high-purity ammonia to change the pattern of foreign gas companies monopoly market, high-purity carbon tetrafluoride "price out of stock" era also ended, high purity hydrogen chloride has successfully opened the domestic market.

  Electronic Gases Electronic gas is an indispensable raw material for the production of ultra-large scale integrated circuits, flat panel display devices, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, optical fiber and other electronic industries. They are widely used in film, etching, doping, vapor deposition and diffusion processes. For example, in the current process technology more advanced large-scale integrated circuit factory wafer manufacturing process, the entire process steps more than 450, of which about 50 different types of electronic gas to use. Electronic gas delivery system is to meet the needs of the process process, in the full guarantee of the safe use of technology and products under the premise of the electronic gas from the gas source without secondary pollution, control process requirements flow and pressure parameters, stable delivery To the production of equipment with gas points. According to the nature of the gas and the supply of different packaging, the general electronic gas can be divided into large ordinary gas, special gases and bulk special gas.

  Electronic Gases A wide range of electronic consumer goods and the upgrading of the increasingly frequent, similar products of different manufacturing scale, different grades of production plants and scientific research institutions coexist. Based on the investment scale and the different practical requirements of the product grade, the industry has basically three kinds of requirements for the electronic gas transportation system.