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Electronic Gases Including What
Oct 18, 2017

Electronic Gases Including what

Over the past 10 years, with the more complex, more intensive large-scale and ultra-large scale integrated circuit production, high purity gas cleanliness requirements, no less than the purity and dryness requirements, where the process gas, Where the particles are proposed to limit. Therefore, for high purity gas, purity, dryness, cleanliness is three important scales. (High purity gas, including what?) Application of high purity gas:

Ultra-high purity nitrogen Use: Carrier gas used as carrier gas and carrier gas for chemical vapor deposition, liquid carrier for liquid diffusion source in the manufacture of integrated circuits, semiconductors and electric vacuum devices, used as devices in high temperature diffusion furnaces Protect the gas. High purity nitrogen in the process of epitaxy, lithography, cleaning and evaporation, as a replacement, drying, storage and transportation of gas. The purity of nitrogen is required to be 99.99% or more in the manufacture of picture tube. In space technology, liquid hydrogen filling system must first replace with high purity nitrogen, and then replace the high purity helium.

Fire emergency measures and protection: the rapid evacuation of contaminated areas of personnel to the upper hand, and isolation, strict restrictions on access. It is advisable for emergency personnel to wear self-contained positive pressure respirator. Do not touch the spill directly. Cut off the source as much as possible. To prevent the accumulation of gas in the depression, the case of fire ignition fire. With the exhaust fan will be leaked to the open air. Leakage containers should be properly handled, repaired, tested and then used. Keep the container in the fire with misty water to cool. Water spray can be used to accelerate the evaporation of liquid nitrogen, but can not use water guns to liquid nitrogen. Such as inhalation of high purity nitrogen, feel difficulty breathing, to oxygen. Such as breathing to stop, immediately artificial respiration. We all know the importance of high purity gas, so the safe storage and transportation of high purity gas is also an important part of this part of the introduction is our focus on the place, the following high-purity gas safe storage and transportation to explain this part of the The explanation will make you gain.

1, high purity gas dangerous goods car transport, it is best manufacturers direct delivery and qualified escorts, knowledgeable porter, light loading and unloading.

2, the bottle must be worn to avoid the car in the brakes and loading and unloading process broke the bottle valve dangerous, especially high-purity gas and other inflammable gas transport.

3, prohibit high purity oxygen, air and combustible gas mixed. At the same time, the prohibition of fireworks, transport equipment should be equipped with fire fighting equipment.

4, the summer transport of high purity gas should be shade facilities, to avoid exposure.

Gas high purity gas transport matters needing attention 5, a dedicated gas storage. Cylinders should be ventilated, clean and avoid direct sunlight. Cylinders should clearly indicate "cylinders" and show appropriate hazard markers (eg flammable, explosive, toxic, etc.).

6, a person responsible for the management, acceptance verification, registration and issuance of accounts can be checked.