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Electronic Gases Gas Supply System
Jun 30, 2017

Electronic Gases Gas supply system

Status editor

Electronic gas (Electronicgases) is an indispensable raw material for the production of ultra-large scale integrated circuits, flat panel display devices, compound semiconductor devices, solar cells, optical fiber and other electronic industries. They are widely used in film, etching, doping, vapor deposition, The For example, in the current process technology is more advanced ultra-large-scale integrated circuit factory wafer manufacturing process, all the process steps more than 450, of which about 50 different types of electronic gas to use. Electronic gas delivery system is to meet the needs of the process process, in the full guarantee of the safe use of technology and products under the premise of the electronic gas from the gas source without secondary pollution, control process requirements flow and pressure parameters, stable delivery To the production of equipment with gas points. According to the nature of the gas and the supply of different packaging, the general electronic gas can be divided into large ordinary gas, special gases and bulk special gas.

At present, a wide range of electronic consumer goods and the upgrading of the increasingly frequent, similar products of different manufacturing scale, different grades of production plants and scientific research institutions coexist. Based on the investment scale and product quality of different practical requirements, the industry on the electronic gas transmission system basically has the following three types of needs:

1.1 Large-scale gas supply system

The large-scale gas supply system is mainly for mass production of 8-12 inch (1 inch = 25.4 mm) ultra-large scale integrated circuit plant (gas types include SiH4, N2O, 2, C2F6, NH3, etc.), more than 100MW solar cell production line (Gas types include NH3), epitaxial line of light-emitting diodes (gas type including NH3), 5 generations of liquid crystal display factory (gas types include 4,3, NF3), optical fiber (gas types including SiCl4), silicon material epitaxial production line (Gas types, including HCL) and other industries. Their investment is huge, using the most advanced process equipment, gas demand, the stability and uninterrupted supply, purity control and safety production put forward the most stringent requirements.

The above-mentioned large-scale ordinary gas in the factory uses the On-site or Pipeline centralized supply mode, an annual output of 50,000 pieces of 8-inch ultra-large scale integrated circuit plant high purity nitrogen demand more than 5,000Nm3 / H, LED epitaxial process line and silicon epitaxial production line of hydrogen demand more than 100Nm3 / h. In addition to ordinary cylinders (50L and below) packaging of special gases, there are many types of special gases are commonly used in large packaging containers, which they are known as bulk special gas, including Y-cylinder (450L), T-cylinder ( 980L), container size (940L), ISO can (22,500L), torpedo (13,400L) and so on.

(BSGS) with automatic PLC controller, color touch screen; gas panel with pneumatic valves and pressure sensors, can be automatically switched, automatic nitrogen purge, automatic vacuum assisted venting; multiple safety precautions, leak detection , Remote emergency cut off; dedicated nitrogen purge origin and so on. Special gas using independent gas source, multi-purpose point with VMB or VMP shunt supply, VMB or VMP using branch pneumatic valve, nitrogen purge, vacuum-assisted emptying. Due to the large amount of BSGS air supply, the use of independent gas room, independent ventilation system.

1.2 Conventional gas supply system

Conventional gas supply system is mainly used in 4-6 inch large scale integrated circuit factory, 50MW following solar cell production line, LED chip processing line and other gas consumption medium-sized electronics industry. Their investment scale is medium, the production line may be second-hand equipment, the gas purity control requirements are not harsh, the system is equipped with the premise of ensuring safety as simple as possible, saving investment.

(LIN, LOX, LAR) or the container (H2, He) supply mode is used to build the gas station. Gas from the pipeline system to the plant, directly to the three-way sent to the gas point.