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Electronic Gases Gas Supply System
Jun 20, 2017

Electronic Gases Gas supply system

Conventional gas supply system is mainly used in 4-6 inch large scale integrated circuit factory, 50MW following solar cell production line, LED chip processing line and other gas consumption medium-sized electronics industry. Their investment scale is medium, the production line may be second-hand equipment, the gas purity control requirements are not harsh, the system is equipped with the premise of ensuring safety as simple as possible, saving investment.

(LIN, LOX, LAR) or the container (H2, He) supply mode is used to build the gas station. Gas from the pipeline system to the plant, directly to the three-way sent to the gas point.

Special gas using ordinary cylinder (<50L) gas supply. Special gas conveying system adopts cylinder cabinet. Configuration automatic PLC controller, color touch screen; gas panel with pneumatic valves and pressure sensors, can be automatically switched, automatic nitrogen purge, automatic vacuum assisted vent; multiple safety measures, leak detection, remote emergency cut off; Sweep the source and so on. VMB with branch pneumatic valve, nitrogen purge, vacuum assisted emptying. Inert gas, multi-automatic cylinder rack, relay control, automatic switching, manual purging, manual vent; VMB in charge of pneumatic valve, nitrogen purge; branch pneumatic valve, nitrogen purge, vacuum assisted emptying. The gas chamber and the ventilation system are classified according to the gas properties.

1.3 Simple gas supply system

Simple gas supply system mainly for 4 inches and below semiconductor chip factory, semiconductor materials, scientific research institutions. Their process is simple, usually does not require continuous gas supply, low investment budget for gas supply systems, and lack of safety awareness for production and management personnel.

As the gas flow is small, special gas source using ordinary cylinder (<50L). The conveyor system uses semi-automatic cylinder or cylinder rack, configuration relay control, automatic switching, manual purging, manual venting, hazardous gas equipped with emergency shut-off valve. Inert gas bottles are fully manual system, and some even use a single bottle system. Sharing a gas room, or even no gas room, special gas cylinders and conveyor systems are sometimes placed on the back air grip, or directly on the side of the process manufacturing equipment. Share a ventilation system. The system usually has a security risk.

1.4 The main current electronic gas

At present, there are mainly silane, ammonia, carbon tetrafluoride, sulfur hexafluoride, hydrogen chloride, octafluorocyclobutane, methane, nitrous oxide, boron trichloride, hydrogen bromide, carbon monoxide, neon, Wait.