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Carbon Dioxide Refrigeration Technology Into The Supermarket
Dec 01, 2017

Metro, one of the largest wholesale supermarket chains in the world, chooses Carrier trusting, and once again uses its sustainability technology to achieve its commitment to the environment. Among them, the Metro stores in Nanjing and Wuxi have adopted the CO2 refrigeration technology of Carrier Corp, which further consolidated the deep cooperation between the two companies. After opening the commercial refrigeration system at the Chinese assist Metro more than 40 outlets installed energy-efficient.

With its leading global carbon dioxide products, Carrier Corp has installed 20 new refrigeratory and more than 160 display cabinets for Metro Nanjing and Wuxi stores. The installation system includes low temperature and medium temperature cascade carbon dioxide (HybridCO2OL) refrigeration units.

As carbon dioxide does not consume ozone, the emissions of greenhouse gases are much less than that of other refrigerants, so it is safer. Compared with the traditional method, this efficient refrigeration technology can reduce the energy consumption by up to 20%, thus reducing the operating cost. Carbon dioxide refrigeration technology is an ideal environmental solution for stores with large demand for refrigeration. The technology has been a great success, and in Europe alone, Carrier has helped more than 2000 stores in food retailers to apply the technology.

"Carrier is committed to providing commercial freezing solutions to help food companies to ensure energy and energy consumption and reduce environmental impact while ensuring food safety and freshness. We are happy to work with food retailers like Metro to promote the implementation of carbon dioxide and other natural refrigerant solutions. " Director of the Carrier China frozen managing director cum Qingdao Haier carrier refrigeration equipment Co. Ltd. General Manager Yang Yingfang said.

Carrier Corp is the leader of the development, installation and maintenance of carbon dioxide refrigeration system in China and the world. Compared with the traditional Freon (HFC) system, Carrier's new cascade carbon dioxide refrigeration system (HybridCO2OL) can reduce up to 50% Freon (HFC) refrigerant consumption and the highest energy efficiency of 5%. Carrier Corp is located in Qingdao venture, Haier carrier can provide design, manufacture and installation of carbon dioxide refrigeration system, commissioning and customer service and other services in the territory of China