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Suzhou Jinhong gas Co.Ltd developed very quickly, especially after boarded on Stock market. Till the end of 2015,Jinhong gas already become a large group company, owned total 20 branch companies.

Jinhong gas branch companies list :

1.Jinhong gas Wuzhong branch company;

2.Jinhong gas Wujiang branch company;

3.Jinhong gas Huangqiao branch company;

4.Jinhong gas Yangchenghu branch company;

5.Jinhong gas Xuzhou branch company;

6.Suzhou industry park Jinhong Gas branch company;

7.Shanghai Xintou qiaorong gas sales company;

8.Jinhong gas Kunshang carbon dioxide company;

9. Zhejiang province Jinhong Gas branch company;

10.Suzhou Jinhong Testing Technology Co.,Ltd

11.Suzhou Jinhong gas technology develop company;

12.Jinhong gas Zhangjiagang branch company;

13.Suzhou Jinhua Runze energy Co.,Ltd;

14.Suzhou Jinruijie clean technology Co.Ltd;

15.Pingdingshan City Jinhong puen electronical matters Co,Ltd ;

16.Huaian City Jinhong Gas electronical matters Co.Ltd;

17.Suzhou JInpaopao electronic technology Co.Ltd;

18.Qianjiang city Runsu energy Co,Ltd;

19.Jiangsu province Jinhua Long fuel gas develop Co.Ltd;

20.Suzhou green island new energy develop Co.Ltd.