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1999 Year

Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co.,Ltd established, from then Jinhong Gas began fast developing, after a series merging and reorganization, Jinhong Gas developing like fast train.

2001 Year

Jinhong Gas Acquired  Air liquid Suzhou branch company-Air Liquid Dongwu Co.,Ltd. 


2003 Year

Built full liquid 3000m3/h ASU, established Jinhong Gas Suzhou industry park branch company, built 100Nm3/h water electrolysis hydrogen generation project, enrich project catalogues, fill in gaps that there were no high-purity hydrogen, high-purity oxygen manufacturer in Suzhou city area.

2004 Year   

Honoured as the president of Suzhou city industry gas council, became the leading company in gas industry.


2005 Year       

Merged Suzhou Sunshine Gas Co.,Ltd, established Jinhong Gas Mudu branch company.


2006 Year     

Merged Wujiang Xingda Gas Co.Ltd and Wujiang Baotong Gas Co.,Ltd, Jinhong Gas WuJiang City branch company established.

Jinhong Gas obtained Medical GMP certificate.

60000 Ton food grade CO2 recycle project established, the production capacity of CO2 become top 3 in China.

he first dry ice production line established, expand the application field of dry ice.

2008 Year    

Jinhong Gas’s new headquarter break ground, the new headquarter will

Occupy 110,000M2 , the new factory will be the biggest gas factory in China even in Asia.

Honoured as the president of Jiangsu province industry gas council,take more responsibility for China Gas Industry.

New 300,000 ton food grade CO2 recycle project started in Xinyi city.

2009 Year             

Signed strategic cooperation agreement with Japan Taiyo Nippon Sanso, start all-round cooperation on helium project.

2010 Year       

Annual production capacity 1500 ton 99.99999% ultra-purity ammonia factory established in Suzhou city.


2011 Year   

Jinhong Gas honoured as” excellent innovation enterprise of Suzhou city”,“Jinhong Gas” also rewarded as famous brand.


2012 Year     

Natural gas pyrolysis generating hydrogen project completed, this project can product hydrogen gas 2400 Nm3/h, Jinhong gas step up another stage.

Oct 22nd,2012, President Jin xianghua of Suzhou Jinhong Gas Co.Ltd ignite to start up hydrogen generating project

2013 Year    

Jinhong Gas’ inspection centre obtained China national CNAS certificate. Jinhong Gas also got certificate of ISO 14001 and OHSAS18001.

2014 Year     

July, Jinhong Gas branch company Jinhua Runze natural gas Co.,Ltd established, expand Jinhong’s business area.

December, Jinhong Gas published on China Stock market 

2015 Year

Feb,Jinhong Gas Phase III 7N ultra-purity 99.99999% ammonia project successful completed and put into production.