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R&D Dept
Sep 19, 2016

About Technology&Research

Jinhong Gas always believed that technology&research innovation is the only way to achieve enterprise’s continuous development.  

According to the technical development,Client’s requirement always changing, so as Gas vendor, we need to develop and innovate correspondingly.Jinhong Gas never stop the steps of purchasing for innovation.

Jinhong Gas established on 1999, only 15 years later, Jinhong Gas became the leading gas company in China,the inner reason is Jinhong people’s continuos innovation.Rely on more than 15 years experience on gas industry,after continously efforts, Jinhong’s technical&research centre gained plenty of achievement.Jinhong Gas always extend the application area of gas industry, keeping the leading position of gas industry of China by continous innovation!

On March 2009,Jinhong gas invested RMB12,000,000.00 to build Jinhong

Technology & Research center,which occupied 4,500 M2 , including 1500M2 experiment centre, 1500Mlaboratory and 1500Minformation centre.Jinhong

Established inner R&D centre,laboratory, Jiangsu province specail gas engineering centre.

Technical&research talents introduction is Jinhong’s importance policy.Now more than 10 top experts in China Gas industry are working in Jinhong Gas.Our research team consist by 4 doctors,18 bachelors and five senor engineers.Jinhong Gas purchased plent of advanced equipments and instruments from America and Europe,Jinhong gas owned one of most advanced gas technical&research centre in China.

Besides Jinhong Gas kept well cooperation with China scientific research institutions,Colleges&Universities.ZheJiang University(one of top 10 universities in China) is Jinhong Gas’s strategic cooperation partner,both party take all-round cooperation in talents trainning,technology communication etc.