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Sep 19, 2016


After years of Jinhong Gas R&D team’s continuous efforts, we gained plenty of achievements:  
1. 26 patents for invention,70 patents for utility models, another more than more patent still in application process
2. Gained 3 province grade high-tech new products: High-purity oxygen, low-cost and low-consumption CO2, quaternary laser mixture gas.
3. Hold 21 R & D projects, 14 projects’ research result already put into market, got high economic and social benefit.
4. Approved to build Suzhou city special gas engineer & research centre by local Suzhou city government, now Jinhong Gas’ special gas engineer& research is the top 3 in China.
5. Identified to be Jiangsu province high-tech enterprise and Jiangsu province privately-owned company by Jiangsu province.
6. Jinhong Gas’ electronic grade(7N)ultra-purity ammonia project successful completion, end Chinese history of importing ultra-purity ammonia from abroad. Till the end of 2015, Jinhong’s ultra-purity ammonia already take 60% China domestic market. Jinhong gas also received national honor because of this success.